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Where Is New Rochelle?

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When we mention we're located in New Rochelle, we often encounter the questions - where is New Rochelle? How far is it from New York City?

While there's some confusion of where New Rochelle is located. As well as a perception it's a bedroom community of New York City. New Rochelle is actually the seventh largest city in New York state. It is located less than 25 minutes from midtown Manhattan and 7 miles north of the Bronx in beautiful Westchester county.

New Rochelle is a diverse and growing city. Major development has been occurring over the last several years. Due to this growth, the downtown area contains a number of high rise buildings, as well as shops and restaurants for locals and tourists.

As you move outside of Main Street, suburban homes stretch in all directions. If you go east, you'll even find yourself along a beautiful waterfront area on the Long Island Sound. This contains parks and boating clubs.

New Rochelle is also home to a number of small businesses and universities - which includes Iona, College of New Rochelle, and Monroe.

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How Far is New Rochelle from NYC

If you are commuting from Manhattan, then there are several ways to get to New Rochelle:

  • Metro North: Take the Metro North New Haven or Harlem Lines from Grand Central. This commute runs about 30-35 minutes and drops you off in downtown New Rochelle.
  • Amtrak: Take an Amtrak train bound for New Haven or Boston from Penn Station (now Moynihan Station). This commute runs about 25-30 minutes long and drops you off in downtown New Rochelle. **Quick Note** - this is the same station that you would arrive on as the Metro North.
  • Car: Commuters can drive to New Rochelle via I-95 or the Hutchinson River Parkway. The drive is about 13-16 miles. The time it takes to arrive in New Rochelle varies based on the traffic you encounter. 
  • Bus: Honestly, we've never taken the bus - so stick with taking a train or car.

Driving Directions

How to Get to New Rochelle From the Bronx

  • Get on the Hutchinson River Pkwy N.
  • Follow the Hutchinson River Pkwy N and I-95 N to Garden St in New Rochelle.
  • Take exit 16 from I-95 N.

How to Get to New Rochelle From Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island

  • Take I-678 N, Hutchinson River Pkwy N and I-95 N to Garden St in New Rochelle.
  • Or you can take: Grand Central Pkwy, I-295 N and I-95 N to Garden St in New Rochelle.
  • Take exit 16 from I-95 N.

How to Get to New Rochelle From Connecticut

  • Get on CT-8 S from CT-262
  • Follow CT-8 S and I-95 S to Cross Westchester Ave in New Rochelle.
  • Take exit 16 from I-95 S.

How to Get to New Rochelle From Upstate New York

  • Get on I-287 E/I-87 S.
  • Follow I-287 E and I-95 S to Cross Westchester Ave in New Rochelle. 
  • Take exit 16 from I-95 S.

What County Is New Rochelle In

New Rochelle is located in beautiful Westchester County. Westchester contains a number of smaller cities and leafy suburban communities. This includes cities and towns such as Yonkers, White Plains, Scarsdale, Pelham Manor, Harrison, Rye and more. 

So where exactly is Westchester county located in New York State? To be exact, Westchester county is directly north of the Bronx and south of Putnam County. This is considered the Hudson Valley and it's positioned downstate directly north of New York City.

To get there by car, if you are driving on the New York State Thruway (I-87). You'll enter south through the Tappan Zee Bridge (now named Mario M. Cuomo Bridge). If you're coming from New York City or Long Island, you can enter through the Bronx. Generally by way of taking either the Throgs Neck, Whitestone or Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. 

What To Do in Rochelle

Given the proximity to New York City and the Hudson Valley - New Rochelle is a great place to include on a weekend day trip.

If you're visiting New Rochelle, check out some of the great shops and restaurants in the downtown area. Restaurants near the train station include Modern Restaurant & Lounge, Maria, Alvin & Friends, Dubrovnik and more. Feel free to check us out as well - where we inhabit a historic building with a 100 year old oven.

Also, check out the beautiful waterfront area. This contains a number of parks and boating marina's overlooking the Long Island Sound.

If you take a train into the New Rochelle train station, there are cabs outside of the station. You can also take an Uber or Lyft as well. Most of downtown is walkable from the train station. Though you'll want a cab if you are looking to go to the waterfront area.

Also, check out some of the adjoining towns next to New Rochelle, such as Pelham Manor, Larchmont and Mount Vernon. Each has walkable main street areas.

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